Frequently Asked Questions

General The big day!

What is Dance Marathon, anyway?

Dance Marathon is a 12-hour philanthropic party held to benefit the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation. The big event is held 9th week of Winter Quarter in Ratner, and draws hundreds of student dancers, moralers and volunteers.

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What if I don't like to dance?

The "dancer" title is a little bit misleading, as DM participants do so much more than dance. No dancing is actually required--the idea is simply for participants to remain active, standing for those who can't. "Dancers" stay engaged at DM by watching performances, playing games, and taking part in several interactive activities throughout the night (including dancing, if you so desire!). Whether you prefer to mingle with friends or tear up the dance floor, DM is sure to be a good time.

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How do I sign up? Do I need a team to register?

Signing up is easy--you can register here, and we'll send you all the information you'll need for reaching your fundraising requirement. Dancers are welcome to register alone, or as part of a team (a team can be comprised of anyone--a house, a Greek organization, an athletic team--even just a group of your friends). Additionally, teams have the opportunity to win great prizes for most money raised and dancers registered.

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Can I be on more than one team?

Unfortunately, the money you fundraise will only contribute to one team's total. However, you can contribute to as many teams' morale initiatives as you like at DM itself.

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How much is this going to cost me?

In theory, only a $15 registration fee! Dancers raise $150 dollars each by securing donations in advance. While it may sound like a lot of money, DM is committed to making fundraising as easy as possible. Via UCDM's online fundraising platform, friends and family will be able to directly and easily donate to your personal fundraising page. We'll help you send letters to potential supporters, and elicit donations via email campaigns and on-campus fundraising opportunities. Not only do you have months to raise the required funds, but every cent is donated directly to the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation.
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What happens after I register?

Once you have registered online, you'll receive information via email about fundraising, and paperwork to complete before the marathon. A member of our board will personally reach out to you, and will be available to assist you with questions/fundraising/etc. in the weeks leading up to Dance Marathon. In order to participate, all dancers and moralers must reach their minimum fundraising requirement 1 week before the marathon itself, and must sign a waiver upon arrival at the event.
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Can I bring someone to support me?

Bring as many supporters or moralers as you'd like! Dancers have always been allowed to bring supporters--called "moralers"--to invigorate and motivate them at the event. Moralers do have to fundraise at least $50 and are only able to stay for a 3 hour pre-selected time slot. So bring one friend for each 3 hour shift to keep yourself motivated!

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What should I wear?

Each dancer and moraler will receive a Dance Marathon tshirt, and should wear comfortable clothes and shoes for the night. Teams typically organize fun costumes or accessories to earn spirit points, but you are free to wear whatever you want!

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Will I be able to use the restroom?

Yes, you can use the restroom. Medical staff will also be on hand in the event of emergencies.

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Will I be kicked out if I sit down?

No, of course not. It's not a competition--it's solely an opportunity to help out and have fun! With all of the preparation and moralers, plus all of the fun we are going to have, you shouldn't even NEED to sit down! However, while all dancers are encouraged to stand for the full 12 hours, the health and safety of our participants is our highest concern.

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What if I have medical issues/problems?

Trained medical staff will be present for the duration of Dance Marathon, and will be standing by to assist with any problems that arise. The safety of our participants is of utmost importance, so we make sure that all of our dancers are in good hands. If you require special assistance, or have any concerns about your safety as a dancer, our Executive Board is happy to accommodate you in any way we can.

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What should I bring/not bring?

DO bring:
  • Your UCID
  • Tennis shoes, socks, and comfortable clothes
  • Camera
  • Water bottle
  • Deodorant/small toiletries
  • Any necessary prescription medications, labeled with your full name and phone number
  • Cash for raffle ticket purchases
  • Morale materials for your team!
DON'T bring...
  • Alcohol or illegal substances of any kind. Failure to comply will result in dismissal from the event without a refund.
  • Jewelry, computers, or other valuables
  • Silly string
  • Blankets, pillows, or sleeping bags